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Life lessons are everywhere. They're all around you... In everything... Every situation.

God can use the smallest to the greatest creatures on Earth to teach you life lessons.

Inside The Path - 5 Life Lessons to Success (37 pages)
You'll find out...

⭕ How to hear God.
⭕ How to find your purpose.
⭕ Easy & practical ways to accomplish all your dreams.
⭕ Keys to gain happiness & success in every part of your life.
& Much more!




A man’s heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps. (Proverbs 16:9)

Hey Nieces and Nephews, Uncle JE here,

Where you'll find Christian Motivation apparel to help you walk in victory. Power. Live your life on purpose.

I like to thank you for taking the time to read, The Path - 5 Life Lessons to Success.

The path is your journey through life. The road that you choose to take. Each person has their own path to follow.

Everyday you stand at the fork in your life. You must constantly make a decision... Choose a path… Which road you'll travel?..

Good or evil... Bad or good... God or the enemy.. Right or wrong... To give up and quit... Or wake up to
fight again today.

My job isn't to choose the path for you, but to walk alongside you. To help you remove the debris and the clutter you have accumulated over time.

To help you clear the way and get back on track. On the right path. But you must do the work. It's your decision. It's
your path.

Enjoy your journey. Thanks again for taking the time to read, The Path - 5 Life
Lessons to Success.

John Ellis
aka Uncle JE

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